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Mission statement

In order to further the mission of Concordia University Chicago, the Department of Public Safety will provide the campus community with a competent staff of patrol and dispatch officers. Through training, hard work, courage and compassion our goal is to provide the best security possible for all persons and property on our campus and will constantly strive to help all members of our campus community in any way.


  • Concordia University Chicago's Department of Public Safety (DPS) employs full-time, part-time and student staff. We staff the switchboard and patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • DPS also has on-call voice pager units as well as on-call full-time staff at all times.
  • DPS also works closely with other campus departments including Residence Life, Housekeeping and the University Physical Plant.


At the Department of Public Safety, we:

  • Control access to all University buildings and grounds.
  • Patrol the entire campus.
  • Operate the University switchboard and dispatch center, monitoring all 911 calls made from on-campus phones to West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Center to provide on-campus support to responding emergency units.
  • Maintain logs and reports of all security-related events on campus as required by the Clery Act. The Annual Report is available online, at the University switchboard in Addison Hall, and can be obtained by written request submitted to: Concordia University Chicago, Attn: DPS, 7400 Augusta Street, IL 60305.
  • Escort CUC students, faculty, staff and guests to and from their vehicles as requested.
  • Respond to vehicle assists to jump start your car!
  • Control and monitor bicycle traffic at the University including registration with the Village of River Forest.
  • Control and monitor vehicle traffic at the University including vehicle registration for the campus community and parking for visitors.
  • Provide emergency text messages to the campus community including students, faculty and staff as well as off-campus undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Coordinate campus awareness events.
  • For more information check our resources page.

General Information

  • The DPS main non-emergency number is 708-209-3039.
  • In emergencies, dial “911” on any campus phone to be directly connected to our local emergency dispatch center. The emergency dispatcher will send the local police and fire departments directly to the location of the on-campus emergency.
  • Please do not use a cell phone for on-campus emergencies if possible, as this could significantly delay or complicate the arrival of emergency services to your location or the location of the emergency.
  • The Department of Public Safety does participate in both emergency and disaster training scenarios with the Village of River Forest Fire Department and Police Department, Cook County Department of Public Health, and other local emergency response agencies.
  • Average response time for RFPD to campus is approximately three minutes. RFPD is backed up by multiple local agencies, the Cook County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois State Police.
  • There are emergency call boxes located at the north and south end of our track and field, on every level of our parking structure, and other various places on campus.
  • Concordia University Chicago has a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, reviewed and updated annually, in which scenarios of potential emergency situations are specifically addressed.
  • The University asks that students, faculty, staff and guests immediately report any suspicious person or activity to the DPS.
  • The University offers counseling services. Counselors can be reached by calling 708-209-3229. This is available to all community members.

You can contact the Department of Public Safety:

  • Office: 708-209-3233 (ext. 3233 from a campus phone)
  • Switchboard: 708-771-8300 (dial “0” from any campus phone)
  • Email:
  • Emergencies: “911” from any campus phone