Concordia Experience

Freshman Residential Experience

The Freshmen Residential Experience (FRE) seeks to provide a structured residential experience for freshmen to encourage success on our campus and to provide a smooth transition to college life. Similar models of programs have been beneficial on other university campuses throughout the United States. 

The mission statement of the FRE program is:

“To aid the first year student in their transition to college life at Concordia University Chicago academically, socially and spiritually, through empowerment, education, the development of critical thinking, and increasing their desire for learning and seeking out knowledge and new experiences.”

Through our efforts with the FRE students we work to address the following nine areas:

  1. Developing intellectual and academic competence
  2. Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships
  3. Exploring identity development
  4. Deciding on a career
  5. Maintaining health and wellness
  6. Strengthen Christian faith and educating on other spiritual dimensions of life
  7. Developing multicultural awareness
  8. Developing civic responsibility
  9. Increase Concordia-Chicago pride

All freshmen living on campus will be part of the Freshmen Residential Experience. These FRE communities will be located in the residence halls. Living together in the same communities provides built-in support of peers with shared experiences in transitioning to college. These shared relationships become the foundation of possible life long bonds of friendship and support.

The FRE program is overseen by a team comprised of current students and staff including:

  • Thirteen hand-selected resident assistants that live on the floors among the residents
  • Freshman Residential Experience mentors (current upperclassmen CUC students)
  • The Kohn/Lindemann/Brohm/Krauss Resident Director
  • The Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Life
  • The Dean of Students 

Campus faculty and staff play additional roles when their assistance is possible for programming and other events providing for important faculty/staff and student interaction outside the classroom.