The concept of aging well or successful aging has received a lot of attention. But what does it mean to age successfully? Is there a way to define it without succumbing to age-denial and ablism?

This session will explore, through film clips and an anthropologist's stories, a more holistic view of elderhood and aging. Join us for a dynamic discussion illuminating both the commonly perceived disvalue of aging and a more balanced view that incorporates the acceptance and value of older adulthood.

Learn how the way we view and talk about growing old can either perpetuate misperceptions or support constructive attitudes about aging and elderhood.


Sarah Lamb, PhD, is a Barbara Mandel Professor of Humanistic Social Sciences and Professor of Anthropology at Brandeis University. Her research focuses on aging, gender, families, ethical strivings and understandings of personhood in India and the United States.

Jim Vanden Bosch, MA, is the founder and Executive Director of Terra Nova Films, which produces and distributes films and videos on aging related issues. Vanden Bosch is an associate editor for The Gerontologist, an academic journal of the Gerontological Society of America.