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Each year Concordia University Chicago invites new students to audition for music scholarships. These performance-based scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating musical talent and potential. Whether you want to pursue a professional career in music or simply continue to improve your skills, CUC's music programs will support your aspirations and personal passion for music. 

You will further your talent through the mentoring of our world-class faculty — a group of dedicated and highly sought-after teachers and performers. At Concordia-Chicago you will have the opportunity to participate in one of our music ensembles, study your instrument or voice, tour nationally and internationally, and possibly obtain a valuable internship with a world-class organization such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

We invite you to become part of the rich tradition of music at CUC, where you will experience a wide variety of musical learning and performance in a Christian environment.

How much could I qualify for?

Music scholarships are awarded based on musical ability and potential contributions of the student to the music department. Both music and non-music majors are eligible to apply.

The amount of the scholarship is dependent upon the audition performance, needs of the music department, the number of scholarship applicants, as well as the individual student's total award package. Awards are divided evenly between two semesters (excluding summer) and may be renewed annually for four years as long as academic standards and participation requirements are met.

Concordia University Chicago is a collegiate partner with Lutheran Summer Music (LSM). We offer scholarships of at least $1,000 to qualified LSM alumni. Scholarships are renewable for up to four years and are subject to the policies that apply to other music scholarships. In addition, CUC offers one specialized scholarship for incoming organ students: The Trusheim Freshman Award.

Music scholarship decisions and awards will be announced at the end of December for November auditions, and at the end of March for February auditions. Scholarship recipients must notify the Office of Undergraduate Admission that they accept the scholarship by submitting their $100 enrollment deposit by May 2, 2022 and accepting the music scholarship terms and conditions via the Concordia Connect portal. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to major in music to receive a scholarship?

You do not need to major or minor in music to be eligible for a scholarship. However, the scholarship audition does serve as the entrance audition for incoming music majors. Scholarship recipients participate in choral or instrumental ensembles at CUC and enjoy individual attention through private lessons with some of the area's finest musicians.

What are the requirements for keeping my scholarship?

Scholarship recipients are required to take lessons on their instrument or voice and participate in an approved ensemble each semester.

How do I prepare for the audition?

Students must perform two selections of contrasting styles from the standard solo repertoire, lasting 8-10 minutes total, 5-10 minutes total for singers. Singers are encouraged to include one piece in a foreign language. Selections should not include etudes, pop tunes, show tunes or Christian contemporary music. All auditions must be performed with a live accompanist.

When and where are the music scholarship auditions?

2022-2023 music auditions will be available either in person, on campus, or by recording.

  • In-person auditions will be on Nov. 13, 2021 and Feb. 19, 21 & 26, 2022. We will be following University-directed COVID protocols to ensure the safety of both CUC personnel and our guests.
  • Recorded auditions must be submitted by February 28, 2022.

How do I submit a recorded audition?

  • Begin the recording with a brief spoken introduction of yourself, your instrument/voice, and what you will be performing.
  • The recording must include video (may not be audio only).
  • The camera must remain on you and your instrument at all times.
  • Both pieces should be accompanied by a live keyboard player. For instrumentalists, one piece may be performed unaccompanied if it was written to be performed that way.
  • Guitar, piano, organ, harp and percussion do not require accompaniment.
  • Submit your recording one of the following ways:

How can I register for an audition?

Once you are admitted to Concordia–Chicago and receive your acceptance packet containing your personal login information, you will be able to register for the audition date and time of your choice via the Concordia Connect portal

If you have not yet been admitted but would still like to audition, please email or call Laura Zimmer at Laura.Zimmer@CUChicago.edu / 708-209-3062.

Complete our CUC online admission application to get the admission process started.

Contact information:

Admission Information / General Questions: Call the Undergraduate Admission Office at 877-CUChicago (877-282-4422) or email Admission@CUChicago.edu.

Music questions: Call Laura Zimmer in the music department at 708-209-3062 or email Laura.Zimmer@CUChicago.edu.