Sarah May can embrace all her academic and extracurricular interests at once, thanks to CUC

At CUC, Sarah has created a custom academic experience for herself—something she’s able to do as an interdisciplinary major—focusing on business, theology and art. The term “interdisciplinary major” may sound rather open ended, and that’s because it is—Concordia-Chicago created the program for motivated students interested in pursuing a major that is not housed in a single department or defined by a traditional discipline. The interdisciplinary major allows a student and their faculty advisor to construct a major that gathers appropriate courses around a significant theme or research question.

“I am working to become a professional photographer and put my dream and hobbies into reality, sharing my faith while capturing the joy of others,” Sarah says. “I am delighted to be a part of such a rich and loving community here at CUC.” Sarah is a part of Chamber Orchestra and church music, building upon her musical background that goes back many years before she enrolled at CUC. At Lake Country Lutheran High School, and during eight years of participating in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, she was encouraged to continue on in her faith and music. She found the opportunity to do just that at Concordia-Chicago, and wishes to continue in growing through her faith, relationships and experiences she encounters.

Sarah May ’22, Interdisciplinary major
Milwaukee, WI