When Anna Krenz transferred to Concordia-Chicago as a sophomore, it already felt like home. As a fifth-grader, Anna had competed at the Lutheran State Track Meet at Concordia-Chicago and was in awe of what "college" looked like. After that, she says, Concordia-Chicago felt like the place she needed to be. Best of all, in her time as a student, she was able to be an athlete without compromising her education or other interests.

In choosing Concordia-Chicago, Anna followed in the footsteps of her mother, Lisa (McLaughlin) Krenz BA ’87, and older brother, Joel Krenz BA ’19. Lisa had been drawn to the University because of its small-school environment, Christian foundation and strong teacher training programs, and Joel found a balance of intercollegiate soccer and academics. Anna says, “Seeing my brother thrive here made me confident that transferring in would be a guaranteed success.”

A native of southern Illinois, Anna enjoyed knowing that home was an easy day’s drive away, but far enough to be an adventure. It was, she says, the little moments that made her college experience at Concordia-Chicago special: watching the sunrise over the track at early morning cross-country practice, playing in and watching CIT, the breathtaking views from the Willis Tower during Spring Formal, and cheering fellow Concordia-Chicago athletes at outdoor sporting events.

Now graduating with her BA in communication and BS in marketing, Anna is looking forward to entering the workforce and serving as a force for good in the world of business. She is also excited to travel and see all that the world has to offer.


Anna Krenz