Dr. Erin Hassler chose the CUC MBA for her fourth post-secondary degree, to improve her small business

MBA student Dr. Erin Hassler, DAT, MS, ATC, LAT, PES, began her MBA program with CUC in the summer of 2020. An athletic trainer, originally from St. Louis, MO, Hassler has spent the last 20 years in Houston, TX. Hassler’s company, The Sportz Factory, has a combined experience of over 20 years in sports health science and the sport performance industry. Since beginning her career as a head athletic trainer, Hassler has enjoyed industry success as either a staff or contract athletic trainer for several organizations and has practiced sports medicine in school systems, the WNBA as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee. Over the years she has worked with many past and future Olympic athletes. At least nine of her clients competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, held in summer 2021.

She is currently a volunteer medical provider with USA Track and Field and has served on international teams. Hassler’s exciting career has led her to travel to Canada, South America and Europe. She also works with the Houston Push professional basketball team and has 15 contractors who help her provide sports medicine coverage to teams and schools throughout her region.

Hassler also lectures on a variety of sports medicine and sport performance topics including the prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and effective training techniques. She authored a book called, “Gold Medal Doc, from Goals to G.O.A.T.”

With three post-secondary degrees including a Doctor of Athletic Training, Hassler chose to pursue a Concordia-Chicago MBA because “as a business owner, I have worked hard to improve and be more effective, and I believe that CUC is committed to helping students maximize their potential and opportunities. The MBA seemed to be the best way to close any gaps that I might have in the management and operations of my businesses.”

When asked about the faculty at CUC, Hassler commented, “This last year has been one of the most challenging for the entire world. Working to prepare the track and field athletes for the 2020, now 2021, Tokyo Olympic Games was very time consuming. My professors have been kind and understanding.  I am honored to represent the U.S. and look forward to having more experiences to share. I am grateful that my professors care about what is important to me. I have really developed as a businessperson. I have been challenged to be more organized, be more thorough and to have a global perspective.”

In assessing the benefits of the CUC MBA program, Hassler added, “The entrepreneurial spirit was already in me, it is something that runs in my family. However, the COB helped me to target that spirit and use the tools that I am learning to spark more creativity. The assignments that we have had in the COB forced me to think outside the box. As a medical provider, I use critical thinking skills, but the most creative work has been through the group projects. I have discovered new ways to use my clinical and leadership skills through peer interactions and discussions.”

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Dr. Erin Hassler, Current MBA student
Houston, TX