Instilled with values from her parents and past teachers, Janet Blackmon honed expertise in her field at CUC

Before she knew she wanted to be an educator, Janet saw that teachers can have an impact on their students’ lives beyond academics. “I had teachers who taught me things like having good character and not giving up,” she says. “The passion for education that my parents instilled in me and my desire to make a difference in someone’s life, like some of my teachers had done, led me to decide that teaching was the right career choice for me.”

In pursuing her MA in curriculum and instruction at CUC, Janet says she gained a better understanding of how bilingual and ESL students learn. “As a dual language teacher, these skills have helped me tremendously. I always have the concepts, skills and strategies that I learned in my program in mind when teaching my students,” she says. “This program helped me better understand my students, how they learn and how to help them to be successful.”

Janet says her master’s degree has helped her to become more of an expert in her field. “I feel more confident in knowing what my students need and how to meet their needs. I also believe that it has helped me to stand out as a leader in education.”

Janet Blackmon MA ’16, Curriculum & instruction with ESL/bilingual endorsement