As he takes on more leadership roles, Gabriel Hoerger knows the impact a good teacher can have

For Gabriel Hoerger, it was not a positive experience with a teacher, but a negative one, that inspired him to pursue a career as an educator. After struggling in algebra as a junior in high school, Gabriel mustered up the courage to ask his teacher for how he could work on improving his grade. “He simply told me that there was no other way to improve upon my grade. I remember leaving his classroom feeling demoralized and broken,” Gabe says. “A teacher can mean the world to a student. I wanted to be a teacher that builds my students up. So I made it a career, and to this day, I hold a standard of being that teacher that provides the support my students need to be successful.”

Gabriel has been a seventh- and eighth-grade math teacher for over five years, and earned the MA in principal preparation at Concordia-Chicago. “I still want to teach for a few more years before I decide to move on to becoming a principal,” he says. “However, my view point as a teacher has changed immensely. I view my principal’s actions and leadership in a different light. This program has also encouraged me to take on more leadership roles at my school to continue the practice of leadership over teachers and staff.”

Gabriel Hoerger MA ’18, Principal preparation