Ellen Moussou sought the best of both worlds with music and academics, and found it at CUC

Throughout high school, Ellen was avidly involved in music. When she didn’t find music programs at the colleges she was initially considering, she thought she’d have to quit. But then, she remembered how much she loved music and how she uses it to express her faith. “That’s when I started looking at Concordia-Chicago. I especially liked the music program—the community and family aspect of it,” she says. “I realized I needed music in my life, but I wasn’t required to major in it. At CUC I was able to get the best of both worlds.” Ellen sang in Kapelle as a soprano, where she formed lifelong connections with her fellow “Kapellicans.”

Besides the music program, Ellen’s admission counselor was a determining factor in choosing CUC. “She helped me get the scholarship that pushed me to come here. She cared about me, and I love that I wasn’t just a number,” she says. Once Ellen was on campus, she even got a job as a UGA student ambassador, where she was able to see that process from the inside. “It’s cool to understand what goes into student recruitment at CUC compared to a larger university,” she says. “To see how just one potential student gets so much attention from the University—then imagine how much personal attention someone will get when they actually come here as a student. It’s kind of amazing.”

Ellen Mossou

Ellen Moussou ’17, Marketing major
Fort Wayne, IN