Hala Alsalah found the early childhood and research courses she needed for her future

Alsalah chose Concordia-Chicago for her PhD studies because of its unique program. She explains, “At Concordia-Chicago, there is a balance between early childhood courses and research courses that I didn’t find at other universities.”

To perform her dissertation research, Alsalah lived for a month inside an unregistered camp for 110 Syrian refugees—46 of whom were children—outside Amman, Jordan. “When I first went to the camp I thought I would be hearing sad stories, but it was the opposite,” Alsalah remembers. “Syrian society is collectivist; they consider the whole community. The people work together to be resilient and overcome the challenges that they face.”

Alsalah began working in Concordia-Chicago’s Early Childhood Center during her second semester and stayed with the Center for four years, advancing from lab student, to teacher assistant, to teacher and director of the after-school program. Now that she’s completed her studies, Alsalah hopes to establish a mobile school for Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

Hala Alsalah

Hala Alsalah PhD ’19, Early Childhood Education
Abha, Saudi Arabia