A class assignment led to an internship, opening many doors for Brooke Zauner

At CUC, Brooke found that one thing often leads to another—a class assignment might lead to a connection, which could lead to an internship. “For my Business Communication class, we had to interview someone in the type of job we want, and I interviewed an anchor at CBS News in Chicago. Then, when I applied for an internship there and got an interview, I talked with the anchor about it and she put in a good word for me. I’ve gotten really good at networking and keeping in touch with people, which is so important in this field.”

Brooke knows that, while challenging at the time, all her efforts prepared her for her career as a television news reporter. “You really don’t know until you give yourself a chance. My internship at CNN in Washington, D.C. was a big one for me—it was an amazing experience learning from some of the best correspondents and photographers in the business.”

Brooke Zauner

Brooke Zauner ’16, Communication and Journalism Double Major
Fond du Lac, WI