Becca Eifert appreciates her time spent learning from and performing with the music department

(Teaching at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, MI; named LEA's 2016 New Teacher of the Year)

As a music educator, Becca values the opportunities she had as a CUC student to learn from and personally connect with the University’s well-respected music faculty. “Dr. Richard Fischer is fantastic,” Becca says. “You get the most out of his classes because you see his love of what he’s teaching and that makes you love it as well. All of the music faculty members are phenomenal—I couldn’t have asked for better.”

Becca also benefited from CUC’s location. “Because of our proximity to Chicago with a variety of music opportunities so readily available, music performance is emphasized more in CUC’s program,” she says. “In any music education program, you’ll learn about theory, but performance might be forgotten if you’re not in a city with easy access to music. CUC also offers a lot of opportunities for professional development, such as internships with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or performing with community members in the University Band.”

Becca Eifert

Becca Eifert ’14, Music Education (LTE) Major, Math Minor
Austin, TX