Tyrique Thomas finds his niche with multiple roles as a peer mentor, athlete and RA

Throughout his time at CUC, Tyrique has always been on the lookout for areas where he can grow as a person. Not only does he see those opportunities, he also feels empowered to take charge and make the most of them. “There are a lot of ways to be a leader here, and it's up to you if you take advantage of that,” he says. “You can pretty much dip your hand into whatever you want at CUC.”

Whether he’s in the classroom, running track, or serving as an RA or peer mentor, Tyrique has had a rich Concordia-Chicago experience. “There’s every opportunity here to be the best that you can be,” he says. “CUC is very good at providing these different little bases in order for you to step up and become a leader, and you just do the rest. At CUC, there’s something—an organization or a group—that everyone can get into.”

Tyrique Thomas

Tyrique Thomas ’20, Business management major
Chicago, IL