Ky’mauni Walker leads student groups and connects with professors in CUC’s small campus setting

When a student finds the right college, everything just clicks. “When I visited campus, I loved the close-knit community—it felt like family to me,” says Ky’mauni.

An important factor that drew Ky’mauni to Concordia-Chicago was the University’s renowned education programs. Education majors start to learn early on what it’s really like to lead a classroom: “I like observing in area schools and getting that hands-on experience,” she says. “It’s really eye-opening and has helped me decide what grade level I want to teach.”

Having come from a high school where each class had about 30 students, Ky’mauni appreciates the low student-to-teacher ratio at CUC. “The best thing about learning at here is the small class sizes,” she says. “At CUC, professors know your work—they know when you’re doing well and when you’re struggling, so they can really help you.”

Ky’mauni has gotten involved in campus groups and activities, taking on leadership roles as early as her freshman year. She served as vice president, then president, of the Black Student Union, as well as elections director for the Student Government Association. “Being involved in these organizations helps me with meeting new people and learning how to handle different things, which is all good experience for my resume,” she says.

Ky'mauni Walker

Ky’mauni Walker ’21, Secondary education-history major
Bellwood, IL