As she prepares for medical school, Karlee Knight is grateful to be near Chicago.

When Karlee was deciding where to attend college for pre-med, she was searching for a place with big-city resources but a small-town environment. “I found that at CUC,” she says. “The Chicago area has some of the best medical schools in the country, and the city offers me a broad range of opportunities in the medical field.”

The University’s low student-to-professor ratio is another benefit that drew Karlee to Concordia-Chicago. “I can always talk with my professors during office hours, and they're great about getting back to me quickly if I ask a question by email,” she says. “I also think the academic track we're on in the pre-med program is extremely helpful in preparing us well for the MCAT and getting into medical school. And something I'm really excited about is the opportunity to work with my biology professor Dr. Laura Merwin on a research project, which I'll earn credit for.”

Karlee Knight ’21, Pre-med major
Lake Station, IN