Gifty Kollie finds community among both international students and deaconess students

After moving to the U.S. from Liberia and attending high school in Minnesota, Gifty Kollie felt a calling to pursue mission work. She chose Concordia-Chicago because it is the only university in the Concordia University System to offer full deaconess certification at the undergraduate level. “I love the deaconess program,” she says. “It is great. It’s a community of women there to support each other. Everyone is there to help you and support you through struggles.”

In addition to feeling at-home with her fellow deaconess students, Gifty feels a connection with other international students. “It’s amazing to be an international student at CUC,” she says. “Everyone is so nice, and meeting other international students is such a great bonding experience because you understand each other and how it feels to be a student from a different country.”

When she graduates from CUC, Gifty plans to return to her home country to help women and children in their faith—and she knows what she will be well equipped to do just that. “To see CUC has a lot of Christian leaders, it gives you inspiration,” Gifty says. “They give you this great knowledge of what is ahead of you in the future; what the outside world is going to be like. They teach you this so that you can be prepared to go out and help other people.” 

Gifty Kollie

Gifty Kollie ’23, Theology major (deaconess program)
Cotton Tree, Liberia