Benjamin Simmons looks within to see he has what it takes to thrive in a new environment.

When he was considering Concordia-Chicago, Benjamin faced what others may have seen as big hurdles—coming from a homeschool environment, and moving halfway across the country from his hometown in Maryland. He was reassured by the friendly and frequent contact from CUC staff. “My admissions counselor was immediately in contact with me. I remember getting calls from CUC and being so happy,” he says. “For students who are so far from campus, keeping that consistent contact is super valuable and made a big difference. It was so valuable having someone reach out to me and tell me I could do it and everything was going to be OK.”

Benjamin also says, in fact, his homeschool background prepared him for the independence of being a college student. “As a homeschooler, you have to do a lot of your own research and task work,” he says. “In college, you’re sitting down with your books, you have to study on your own, and you take initiative of your own education.”

Ben Simmons '23, Director of Christian education major
Westminster, MD