Andres Salvador seeks out ways to be a leader on campus while staying close to home

No one gets through college completely on their own—Andres knows that everyone can benefit from a supportive community. “I think it’s a team effort. When I don’t understand something, my professors are there,” he says. “When I’m feeling a little lazy, I tell myself to keep going. And then if I’m distracted, I have my friends and family to guide me. I feel like everyone’s there to help me.”

Andres is a commuter student, so he makes sure to get involved in activities. As part of being a President’s Honor Scholar, he looked for ways to be a leader. “I wanted to try something new. I had never done track before, but I was pretty sure I could run so I decided to try it,” Andres says. “I talked to the coach and he was really positive about me joining. I’ve learned a lot about discipline and teamwork because we have relays where everyone has to do their part. Overall I feel like I found something that I never thought I’d be interested in.”

As for the academic side of being a Concordia-Chicago student, he says, “I like that CUC has hidden gems as far as classes go—you have a Star Wars class, a class on the American Dream. In addition to your required courses, you get to pursue things that interest you and are maybe just a little bit weird.”

Andres Salvador ’22, Biology major
Chicago, IL