Aidan Vizi sees the University as a backbone supporting him along the right path. 

Even though he was unfamiliar with the University at first, coming from out of state, Aidan got a good feeling from the Concordia-Chicago community right away. “The minute I stepped onto campus I loved it and knew this was the place for me—it was like God calling me to come here. I knew I wanted a private, smaller institution where I’d do well in school and in life. CUC was the place for me.”

One of Aidan’s most helpful experiences so far has been observing a 6th to 8th grade physical education classroom. “That’s something else I really like about CUC—they require you to go into the field and do a set amount of observation hours,” he says. Aidan also enjoys the autonomy he has in learning to lead while making his own decisions: “CUC inspires leadership by having us lead ourselves. They are there to help you and guide you along the way but they’re not looking over your shoulder at every move you make. They’re there as your backbone.” 

Aidan Vizi '22, Physical education major
Bethel, CT