Fostering students’ confidence by partnering with alumni professionals sharing vocational support and extending connections to their alma mater.

Without counsel plans fail but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22

Concordia-Chicago and its Alumni Association are partnering to launch Beyond the Pillars, a new Mentoring Program for students at every level of study. Current students will be matched with alumni volunteers carefully selected for their passion for Christ as well as expertise in their vocation providing:

  • First-hand knowledge about a student’s planned industry of choice
  • Industry-specific advice that can inform internships, field work and/or student teaching
  • Focus for anticipated career path while finishing college and after graduation
  • Guidance and advice for getting the job including how to interview well and resume review

Mentors are asked to check in monthly with their mentees during the academic year (October through April), to provide tips and guidance relevant to their current academic standing and quest for Truth. Participants should plan to connect through at least 3-5 interactions including phone calls, video chats or emails. Due to COVID-19 precautions, all-digital interactions are encouraged during the 2020-21 academic year.

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or toll free at 888-258-6773 with questions.

Become a Mentee

Beyond the Pillars intends to foster confidence and career knowledge accenting mentees’ classroom education and faith walk as they discover freedom through His Truth.

What makes a Beyond the Pillars Mentee successful?

  • Commitment Be an invested partner with your mentor. Spend the time to prepare, knowing what you hope to gain and what you want to achieve with the mentor relationship.
  • OpennessDiscuss your needs and goals with your mentor. Mentees need to be introspective, ready to identify areas that may need work, and willing to share these concerns with their mentor.
  • ListeningMentees should not do all the talking in your mentor relationship. A good mentee is a good listener. Be prepared to get to know your mentor.
  • Flexibility - Relationships take time to develop. Patience is key, and the more communication the better to grow the partnership. Haven’t heard back from your mentor in a while? That can be normal. Do not take it personally. As the mentee, reach out and, as a helpful hint, end the email with an open question so your mentor can provide meaningful assistance.
  • AwarenessThe mentor relationship is not for the sole purpose of networking, obtaining an internship or employment. While these opportunities may occur, optimize the partnership by seeking advice and taking initiative on insights received from your mentor.
  • ContributeMentoring relationships are a two way street. Ask if there is anything you can do to assist your mentor. Do not underestimate what you could contribute to the mentoring relationship

Become a Mentee today

Become a Mentor

Alumni can share their expertise to prepare Cougars for life after graduation in both their vocation and spiritual walk.

What makes a Beyond the Pillars Mentor successful?

  • Discuss - how your education prepared you for your career
  • Ask - questions about a student's interests and goals
  • Share - information about a current event or issue in your field
  • Recommend -helpful networking strategies or where to look for job/internships in your field
  • Introduce - your student to colleagues or other contacts
  • Lead - your student through a mock interview or crafting a resume

Become a Mentor today

Monthly Check Ins

Monthly check ins ensure participants are receiving the most out of the Beyond the Pillars Mentoring Program.

Each month participants will receive an email from the University providing tips on how to best continue to cultivate a successful mentorship relationship. A formal “check in” will request each partnership what can be done in order to ensure goals and needs are being met. CUC staff will keep responses confidential, unless otherwise noted, and provide follow up support as needed.


Sept. 18, 2020       

  • Register for 2020-2021

Sept. 23, 2020       

  • Mentor Matches Announced via Email

Oct. 8, 2020                

  • Virtual Kickoff Event in conjunction with Cougars Connect 

Oct. 2020 – March 2021                      

  • Program Continues with Monthly Check Ins

April 8, 2021

  • Closing Celebration – Details to Be Announced

May 7-8, 2021

  • Participants Encouraged to Serve at Spring Alumni Graduation Celebration & Commencement