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Careers for Christ Weekend

Our 2017 Careers for Christ Weekend program, "Enduring faith. Abiding grace. Abounding love." was a huge success—we enjoyed hosting the student participants on campus while they explored our church professional programs and connected with CUC faculty, staff and students.

Did you miss the 2017 Careers for Christ event and hope to enroll at CUC for fall 2018? Contact us to request more information or apply online to get started! You may also schedule a campus visit to learn more about CUC's church professional programs and connect with a faculty member in a church work area of interest to you. 

CUC's church professional programs include the following interest areas:

  • Director of Christian Education (DCE)
  • Pastoral Ministry (Pre-Seminary)
  • Lutheran Teacher Education (LTE)
  • Deaconess
  • Director of Parish Music (DPM)

If you are a current high school freshman, sophomore or junior, plan to join us for Careers for Christ Weekend 2018! Check back in the spring for Careers for Christ Weekend 2018 dates and more details about the event.