Admission & Financial Aid

Managing Your Finances

The first step in gaining control of your finances is to build a money plan. There are four easy steps to follow when creating and maintaining a successful money plan: track your spending; create a budget; know saving strategies; keep your budget on track.

Learning how to use credit wisely can lead you toward a positive financial future. Conversely, misusing credit cards or making late (or no!) payments can rapidly become an overwhelming obstacle.

You’ve finished your classes, and that hard-earned diploma now hangs proudly on your wall. Congratulations! Now, are you ready for what comes next? Life after college can be whatever you make of it…so here are some tips to help make your money work for you.

Many students utilize the federal student loan programs to help defray the cost of college. These loans are in a deferred status while you maintain at least half-time enrollment. Once you graduate, withdraw or drop below half-time enrollment, the clock starts ticking on your grace period before you will enter repayment.

Concordia University Chicago has partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) through the Cash Course program. This site provides real-world tips and budget tools for both students and parents.