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Jorge Palacios '19

Something that I loved at CUC was that there were a ton of events on campus. Career services had interview and resume workshops. During my junior year, I did an internship at Northwestern Mutual and I’ve been there ever since. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for CUC.

Maci Killman '19

Studying journalism at CUC was what sparked my passion to go into journalism. The small classroom size and support from my classmates was super helpful. I met people who were passionate about the same things and that made studying, writing and doing projects an enjoyable experience. 

David Gilson '19

The music program at CUC has given me the foundation to combine theology and music together to create a ministry opportunity. I’ll be able to arrange things for the congregation depending on the needs because of my composition skills.

Yomara Mata '14

My job on campus as a CUC student was something I felt really proud of. Getting a job made me feel like I was doing the right thing, that I had opened another door for myself and given myself another opportunity to grow.