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Dan San Buenaventura '16

I liked that the computer information systems program at CUC was laid out for me, but I still had flexibility in selecting and scheduling my classes to suit me. As a commuter, I stayed connected to campus by having a campus job and spending time in the Cougar Den. 

Dehlia DeLeon '13

There were always events for students to get involved in and meet new people. There are spiritual life groups on campus like Ministry to Concordia, Ministry to the World and Ministry to Chicago. 

Jenna Boggs '14

The College of Education professors at CUC are so passionate about what they teach, it has inspired me to want to provide that to the students I'm teaching now.

Denzel Randle '11

The professors at CUC inspire you to push yourself and do more than you thought you could. My classes challenged me to realize it’s not just about getting a degree, it’s about really knowing the material and applying it, in order to be successful.