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Cynthia Saavedra '16

I grew a lot personally in my time at CUC. I learned how to use the leadership skills that I didn’t know I had and how to advocate for myself, and I came to realize that there was always someone there to help. 

Rev. Jeffery Smith '11, MDiv

I transferred to CUC because I had heard very good things about the pre-seminary program, and I especially wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to learn Greek and Hebrew — courses that few other universities offer. 

Kevin Le '15

In my classes at CUC, we worked as a team on projects, and it allowed me to gain experience in cooperating among my peers.

Otyllia Abraham '18

The combination of Hooke College of Applied Sciences staff and resources with that of the quality of the natural sciences faculty at CUC really made the decision to pursue a major in applied microscopy at CUC quite simple. There really was nothing else like it.