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Kirsten Brown '12

There isn't one specific accomplishment that I'm most proud of. It's really about all the opportunities I had at CUC to grow as a person—anywhere from dorm life to teaching in a classroom.

Ignacio Marchan '14

The faculty at CUC are individuals who ultimately care about the success of their students.

Samantha Bredeson '14

Location was a big factor in my decision to enroll at CUC. I liked that the campus is very close to a big city, which provided me with many opportunities and resources in the journalism field, such as my internship with NBC 5 Chicago.

Quintin Williams '12

What I learned at CUC in the field of sociology, in the jobs I had on campus, the leadership positions I was put into, the assignments I had to complete that I didn't think I could do, the degree of difficultly of some of my classes—all of that collectively prepared me for life after CUC.

Justin Knabach '12

I'm proud of the music scholarships I auditioned for and received each year at CUC. The scholarships were really helpful to me with paying for college.

Lorenda Bolling '14

All of the professors give 110 percent to help you in whatever way possible, and it's enjoyable learning from them because they're so passionate.