Admission & Financial Aid


Why College

  • A high school degree is not enough for most jobs
  • More education =
    • More money
    • A better chance you will always have a job
    • Opportunities to meet new people
    • An added satisfying career experience

How to get ready

  • Take the PSAT or other test preparation: Take the PSAT or other test preparation in the fall if you did not take it as a sophomore. These pre-tests help prepare you for the SAT or ACT.
  • Talk about college: Attend college fairs and talk with college admission representatives.
  • Explore your interests: Make a checklist of what you want in a college (private or public; large or small; city or suburb; majors; student organizations; etc.).
  • Research: Scholarship opportunities at FastWeb and Scholarship America
  • Visit colleges: Schedule campus visits to schools that interest you. The best time to visit a college is during the school year when classes are in session. 
  • Take college entrance tests: Take the SAT or ACT, whichever is required by the colleges you are considering.