Admission & Financial Aid

Why Concordia?

Why Concordia

Undergraduate students choose Concordia University Chicago because CUC meets their goals for:

  • Practical preparation for a satisfying career

  • Hands-on experiences that qualify them for the best graduate programs

  • Critical thinking and communication skills that last a lifetime

But it’s not just about the destination—they also choose CUC so they can be inspired during their collegiate career and beyond. Read what our students are saying about CUC...

Sydney Paulauskis-Lauher

Being at a school like CUC, I was able to get involved right away. I found it to be really important to jump in and do whatever I wanted to do—even starting my freshman year.

Christian Solis

My financial aid package heavily impacted my decision to come to CUC. I made my decision based on who was going to give me the most money and what was going to be easiest for me and my family. 

Gifty Kollie

In the deaconess program the professors give you this great knowledge of what is ahead of you—what the outside world is going to be like. They also give you tools so that you are prepared to go out and help other people with their faith. 

Jesse Muehler

I am in the Lutheran Teacher Education program and it is amazing the ways they open up our world by intertwining faith into our areas of concentration.