Admission & Financial Aid


The Office of Student Business Services assists students in understanding their semester billing.  This department emails semester bills and monthly statements to students if they have a balance.  To learn more about the methods of payment available to current undergraduate students click here.

Any student registered for any course, whether full time or part time at Concordia University Chicago, is responsible for financial obligations resulting from tuition and fees not covered by financial aid or any other source.

Traditional undergraduate academic year cost for the 2015-2016 academic year

  Per year Per semester Per credit
Tuition* $28,660 $14,330  $895 per credit / $537 (overload)*
Room & Board** $8,992 $4,496 ($200 deposit required with application)
Technology Fee $390 $195  
Wellness/Medical Fee $100 $50  
Student Activity Fee $290 $145  
Registration and Records Fee $70 $35  
Green Fee $10  $5

One time Matriculation & Records Fee $190 (new freshmen and transfers only)

The tuition and fees listed above are standard. These numbers do not reflect the following: science lab fees or other fees associated with course registration; applied music lab fees; course credit by exam; credit for prior learning; parking tickets; lost room or mailbox keys; etc. Contact the Office of Student Business Services for specific details about additional fees.

*Full-time academic load consists of 12-18 credits per semester. 18.5 credits and above is an "overload."

** Room & Board is based on the standard room rate consisting of a two-person room occupancy.  For single room occupancy, and additional $1,138.00 per semester will be charged in addition to the standard room and board.

Additional miscellaneous fees (if applicable)

Commuter parking $128 per year $64 per semester
Overnight parking 
$530 per year           $265 per semester
ID replacement card $30 for each card replaced  
Dorm room key replacement fee $125.00  
Mailbox key replacement fee 
Graduation fee $130.00