Westfield House Student Testimonials


Meet Simeon 

Studying at Westfield House helped me to see a different culture outside of one I’ve lived in all my life. I got to travel to Leipzig and Wittenberg in Germany, as well as Dublin and some of Ireland’s northern countryside. 

Because of the immersion in a very academic college town, I gained much knowledge from my studies, but more so from fellow classmates. Getting to attend Prayer Offices in chapel on a daily basis was what I enjoyed the most about Westfield House. Being able to start off the day gathering together as brothers and sisters in Christ to hear God’s Word and ask for His blessing was extremely edifying and encouraging. 

Others, especially theology students, should definitely consider studying abroad at Cambridge for a number of reasons.

  1. It allows you to experience a different culture, which helps to broaden the way you think about the world in general. 
  2. Because of the close-knit community. Whether it’s in chapel, in class, or just hanging out, you will be surrounded by those who care about you as a person and will help you grow. 
  3. Lastly, and most particularly for theology students, you will have seemingly every conceivable theological work written right at your fingertips.  Whether it’s at Westfield House’s or Cambridge University’s library.  Not only this, but many old and well known manuscripts can be viewed at numerous locations not far away.   

Meet KarenKaren Westfield House

Studying abroad at Westfield House was one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. The academics, spiritual life, and close-knit community all met together to give an excellent study abroad opportunity that can’t be beat. To start, the academic opportunities in Cambridge meant having access not only to the highly knowledgeable and helpful faculty at Westfield House, but also to the lecturers at the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. The small class sizes and being with students from other schools (and even other countries) provided individual attention and new viewpoints to help me grow as a student and an individual. The lectures at the Faculty of Divinity also gave me unique opportunities, like attending lectures on Buddhism and Islam given by professors who live and practice those religions.

The community at Westfield House not only supported me in the classroom, but also back at Luther Hall, where we lived together and formed friendships that have lasted long beyond our time in England.  Daily opportunities to worship, take tea, relax and study together knit us into a community that provided an invaluable support network to help navigate life abroad and the challenges of academic coursework. It also gave me a great group of people to go out and enjoy being abroad with!

Being at Westfield House afforded me a wonderful opportunity to travel to various parts of Europe with the friends I met in Luther Hall as well as travel to many beautiful and historic parts of England during Westfield Weekends, when we would explore England and stay with host families from other Lutheran churches. I loved getting to go out into the English countryside, which really does look exactly like you expect it to. Combine that with stopping at historical sites like cathedrals, abbeys and estates older than America itself—the experience was one I will never forget.

I can’t imagine my undergraduate career without Westfield House. It was an all-around excellent experience for me as a person, student, and member of the Body of Christ. I highly recommend this challenging and fulfilling opportunity to anyone considering it.