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Educational Databases
An introduction to research in education utilizing online databases. 

I-Share Online Catalog
An introduction to searching the I-Share online catalog. 

Online Database (PDF Handout)
An introduction to searching online databases.  

Research Methodology Basics (On Campus)
Research methodology basics tutorial. 

Research Methodology Basics (Off Campus)
Research methodology basics tutorial. 

Requesting Materials Using Interlibrary Loan (PDF Handout)
How to request library materials using interlibrary loan.

Searching with Boolean Operators 
A technique that allows users to reduce or expand search results. 

Advanced Searching with Single Find Field  (Video | PPT)
Development of EBSCOhost searching techniques for increased refinement.

Advanced Searching with Guided Style Find Fields (Video | PPT)
An introduction to EBSCOhost searching using different terms in multiple fields.

Basic Searching (Video | PPT)
An introduction to EBSCOhost searching with limiters and expanders. 

Citing Articles (Video | PPT)
How to use the EBSCOhost citation tool.

Result List (VideoPPT)
An in-depth look at tools to help refine EBSCOhost search results.