Scheduling of Library Facilities

The computer lab (CC 248L) and classroom space (CC 248C) at the Christopher Resource Center can be reserved through the university Campus Events Department. The lab has twenty one computers. If you experience difficulties making your request online, contact Wilbert Suhrbur, Registrar Systems Coordinator (708) 209-3258.

The computer lab and classroom space can be used by faculty for classes after the Christopher Resource Center is closed for as long as a faculty member enters facility while it is open and library staff is present. Faculty members are responsible for locking the front doors during classes, shutting down computers, turning off lights, and securing the doors when they leave.

The computer lab and classroom space can be used by the Center for Literacy outside of the Christopher Resource Center open hours as long as space is scheduled through the university‚Äôs Campus Events Department, the Center for Literacy staff is present at all times and locks the front door after their group has arrived and again when they leave.