Renewals, Recalls, Holds


The Renew feature of the Library Catalog allows borrowers to renew items electronically. Borrowers may also request renewals online and by phone (708) 209-3050, toll free (866) 733-8287. Reserve materials and items recalled by other borrowers may not be renewed.


Concordia faculty, students, and staff have an option of recalling material charged to another patron by filling out a recall slip available at the access services desk, online or by phone (708) 209-3057, toll free (866) 733-8287. The original borrower is guaranteed use of recalled materials for 7 days, unless it is needed for course reserves. The original borrower must return the material within 24 hours of notification if it is overdue or needed for reserves. Patrons are informed by the library when an item has been returned and is available for pickup.


Library patrons can request an item to be placed on hold online and by phone (708) 209-3050, toll free (866) 733-8287. If the item is available, it will be placed on the Hold Shelf for 24 hours. Library staff will inform patrons of the item’s availability.