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Classroom Instruction

The Klinck Memorial Library welcomes collaboration with faculty and is pleased to offer classroom instruction on weekdays (including Monday - Thursday evenings), Saturdays, and on Sundays during Fall and Spring terms. Off-campus cohort faculty and students are invited to come to Concordia campus for this opportunity.

To schedule library instruction:

  1. Contact the librarian two weeks in advance to suggest tentative dates. Please note that we require the instructor to be present.

  2. Reserve a computer lab for library instruction through the Campus Events Department Wilbert Suhrbur (708) 209-3258 and confirm the location with the librarian. Contact library staff for smaller classes (6 students maximum) that prefer to meet in the Klinck Memorial Library or the Christopher Resource Center.

  3. Submit your class syllabus and assignment to the librarian.

Jacob Hagan (708) 209-3587 is the contact for education faculty.
Maryanne Rusinak (708) 209-3186 is the contact for Monday and Wednesday evening instruction. 
Kathy Schmidt (708) 209-3186 is the contact for Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as Sunday instruction.
Marty Breen (708) 209-3181 is the contact for all other requests.