Secondary Education

Most secondary teachers specialize in a specific subject area that may include: art; biology; chemistry; English, history; mathematics; physical education; or Spanish to name a few. They plan, evaluate and assign homework; they write, administer and grade tests; they listen to oral presentations and provide curriculum instruction through the use of computer technology and the Internet in today’s classrooms, as well as maintain order and discipline.

Concordia-Chicago Secondary Education Program Overview

Originally founded as the Addison Teachers Seminary in1864, the university has a 150-year track record of producing some of the most qualified teachers in the country. More than a dozen CUC graduates have been recognized by the highly prestigious Golden Apple Foundation for outstanding teaching, which speaks volumes about the level of training you will receive.

Our College of Education prepares candidates to teach early childhood and Kindergarten through grade 12. In addition to public school teaching, we also prepare candidates to teach in Lutheran schools and congregations in The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

Secondary Education Course Information

Your general education will focus on communication, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and fine arts and social and behavioral science. Core coursework includes the foundations of education, literacy, human growth and development, adolescent psychology and methods for teaching the exceptional learner.

You will take methods classes, classroom management, and assessment courses for the subject area you prepare to teach.  Additionally, you will learn how to develop and organize curriculum for the grade level(s) and subject content you prepare to teach. You will observe and teach in classrooms throughout the program. This prepares and provides experience in teaching students in actual classroom settings before you enter your student teaching internship semester.

Students today come from very different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. Because of this, it is critical for educators to possess sensitivity and to work effectively with diverse populations. Your coursework will teach you how to work with different students and how to think critically to solve problems and answer questions that may arise in the classroom.

For details about required courses, please visit our online catalog.

Secondary Education Program Opportunities

Concordia’s location provides numerous opportunities for students to observe and teach in both public and private schools, and in special education and multicultural settings throughout Chicago and its suburbs.

We offer extensive graduate-level programs in education, with options for advanced degrees and additional certificates—supporting your professional development needs throughout your teaching career.