Director of Christian Education

Concordia-Chicago Director of Christian Education Program Overview

A DCE is a lifespan ("cradle to grave") Christian educator who typically works in a church as part of the congregation's ministry team with pastors, other staff members, and volunteers. Depending upon a DCE's unique talents, skills, interests, and experience, he or she might lead a church's parish education program, children’s ministry, youth ministry, small group ministry, young adult ministry, family ministry, or music ministry. DCE students at CUC have many opportunities to explore and discover how God can use them to serve in His Church.

Director of Christian Education Opportunities

Chicago and its suburbs are home to more than 200 Lutheran congregations. CUC's DCE program partners with some of these churches to provide our DCE students with opportunities to explore and develop practical ministry skills through hands-on congregational fieldwork before they begin working in a church full-time.

CUC's DCE students also have many opportunities to participate in and to take leadership of social and spiritual events, retreats, mission trips, Bible studies, and fellowship opportunities. CUC's DCE students form a close-knit community that not only provides support and encouragement while you're in school, but they also form many deep friendships that remain strong even after graduation.

DCE students also have opportunities and are encouraged to take on leadership roles within the DCE program by helping to plan, organize, and lead activities and events for their fellow DCE students.

Director of Christian Education Course Information 

Concordia Chicago's DCE program offers two Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree options. Which track is best for you depends on your interests.

  1. BA + DCE certification + Illinois/Lutheran Teacher Licensure (Dual Certification)
  2. BA + DCE Certification (Single Certification)

For complete details, read our specific course information in the Academic Catalog.