Theological Languages

Greek. Hebrew. Latin. These three languages are important to biblical beginnings.

Concordia University Chicago offers a Theological Languages program in which you can earn a major or minor in biblical languages. You will study Greek, Hebrew and Latin-learning to communicate, comprehend and write each language. Students interested in this program often pursue careers as pastors, professors and language experts.

Concordia-Chicago Theological Languages Degree Overview

Our bachelor of arts degree in theological languages is a broad-basis baccalaureate program that prepares students as future teachers, satisfies career options and is excellent preparation for students interested in continuing education at the graduate level. Our courses offer in-depth studies in Greek, Hebrew and Latin.

At Concordia University Chicago, you will never sit in a lecture hall with hundreds of other students. Our faculty members enjoy small classes and look forward to becoming acquainted with their students. Professors are available if you have questions or wish to discuss a topic. You will even see professors cheering for and supporting students at games, concerts and plays. Never hesitate to contact a faculty member should you have questions.

Theological Languages Course Information

This program was created to enhance your knowledge in theological languages while preparing you for your future. At Concordia University Chicago, we are based in the liberal arts tradition; meaning you will take classes in humanities, business, English and social sciences, as well as theological language courses.

You will study Greek I and II, Hebrew I and II, Latin I and II, as well as Greek and Hebrew readings. If you choose to minor in biblical languages, you will take courses in Greek and Hebrew.

For details about required courses and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog

Theological Languages Major Opportunities

CUC offers the opportunity to explore vast resources in theology and liberal arts. Those resources include neighboring universities, seminaries, libraries and museums. Opportunities for cultural enrichment, parish service and fieldwork also are available. We encourage our theological languages students to apply their knowledge to the world around them.

In addition, an array of internship and service possibilities in the Chicago area equip you with the tools need to be effective in their future endeavors. You will become part of a community committed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of each member. Your professors and Career Services will work with you to find the perfect fit.