Support the Deaconess Program

Supporting The Deaconess Program

Since The Deaconess Program began in 1980, deaconess graduates of Concordia University Chicago have been filling mercy roles in churches, hospitals, nursing homes, other institutions, and on the mission field. These deaconesses are blessings from God. They represent an important part of the past, present and future of God’s Church on earth.

Deaconess ministry has its roots in the priesthood of all believers. A deaconess’ tasks do not differ from that which other lay people are able to do. However, a deaconess’ service in the church is her vocation. Although deaconesses serve in many settings outside parishes, in the congregation, the deaconess serves the people and the pastor in a relationship of support and encouragement.

How Can I Help?

Support and encourage women who have the heart for service.

Young women who are actively involved in the church and serving others, as well as women who are considering a career change, may not be aware of the deaconess vocation. Inform them about the opportunity to become a deaconess, encourage them to consider the program and contact the Deaconess Program office.

Pray for the students and faculty of Concordia Chicago's
Deaconess Program

As individuals, include the deaconess students and professors in your daily prayers. As a congregation, include them in your Sunday service prayers.

"Adopt" a deaconess student

Individuals, Sunday schools, youth groups, ladies' groups, or congregations can "adopt" a deaconess student by praying for her, sending cards of encouragement throughout the year as well as special occasions such as her birthday and holidays, sending care packages (especially welcome during semester exam time), and considering financial donations toward the cost of her tuition. To request a student, email Deaconess Kristin Wassilak

Donate to the Deaconess Chair Endowment Fund

An endowment has been established to permanently fund the position, Director of Deaconess Ministry. If you have questions or wish to donate, please contact:

Deaconess Kristin Wassilak
Director of the Deaconess Program
Phone: 708-209-3136

Donate to the Deaconess Clara Strehlow Endowment Fund

The Deaconess Clara Strehlow Endowment Fund provides tuition assistance to deaconess students at Concordia University Chicago. If you have questions or wish to donate, please contact:

Deaconess Kristin Wassilak
Director of the Deaconess Program 
Phone: 708-209-3136

Sponsor a scholarship for a Diakonia Days summer camper

Diakonia Days is a summer camp at Concordia University Chicago designed for current high school girls to explore what the deaconess ministry is all about and also see what life on campus as adeaconess student is like. Camp tuition is $350.00 for a week. Click here for more information about Diakonia Days.

Utilize a deaconess in your congregation, institution, or agency.

Consider if you are able to support and sustain the service of a deaconess or deaconess intern. Is your congregation, institution, or agency willing to call or help train a woman whose very title is "servant"? For more information, email Deaconess Kristin Wassilak