Internship Program

Where Do Interns Serve?

In an agency, the role of the deaconess intern will be determined by the specific needs of the residents and the agency.  Ordinarily, there should be some opportunity to:

  • Care spiritually for the residents (under the chaplain's guidance)
  • Lead Bible study groups
  • Coordinate volunteers
  • Develop new resident participation groups
  • Learn the structure of the agency
  • Develop social service skills
  • Use music or other special talents, according to ability
  • Become aware of community resources for the residents
  • Learn to work with families of residents

In the parish, the deaconess intern ordinarily should have some experience or acquaintance with the following areas:

  • Caring spiritually for the hospitalized, home-bound, grieving and needy
  • Leading women's Bible study group(s)
  • Teaching religion classes, weekday school, Sunday School
  • Caring for women and youth
  • Developing new Bible study groups
  • Participating in evangelism (either through an existing training program or by leading a program according to her particular competency)
  • Understanding congregational structure through observation and participation
  • Coordinating volunteers (altar guild, greeters, VBS workers, youth leaders, etc.)
  • Participating in specialized ministries (widowed, single, divorced, handicapped, etc.)
  • Working with ladies' societies and LWML groups
  • Using her own special talents (drama, music, art, etc.)

In the mission field, the role of the deaconess intern will be determined by the specific needs of the mission site.

Role of the Intern and Supervisor

The intern serves as both a student and a professional.  As a student, she does not assume all the responsibilities of a deaconess.  However, she should be permitted and challenged to examine various opportunities to use her knowledge, test her skills and explore new areas within the scope of deaconess work.

The site supervisor (normally a pastor, deaconess, or any person rostered by the Synod) is responsible to advise, oversee, direct and evaluate the work of the intern.  He/she is responsible to report observations and conclusions to the Internship Coordinator of the University at regular predetermined intervals.

We are deeply grateful to the pastors, supervisors, congregations and agencies for giving unselfishly of their time and talents to help prepare young women to be deaconesses.

For Congregation or Agency Application, click HERE.

For information on the cost of an intern or to find out about applying for an intern for your parish, agency, or mission please contact:

Deaconess Kristin Wassilak
Director of the Deaconess Program
Concordia University Chicago
7400 Augusta St 47G
River Forest, IL 60305