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Theology puts into perspective how religion fits in with the rest of the world, including the past and present implications. At Concordia University Chicago, we offer the opportunity to study with theological professionals in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod context, preparing for work in the church and the world. This department also offers both classical and modern language programs, including Hebrew, Greek, Spanish, and Latin. French and Italian are also offered through neighboring Dominican University. Language majors prepare students as future teachers, translators and many more professions.

  1. The Theological Languages program allows you to earn a major or minor in biblical languages. You will study Greek, Hebrew and Latin-learning to communicate, comprehend and write each language. Students interested in this program often pursue careers as pastors, professors and language experts.
  2. Through the long-standing Deaconess Studies program, you will be equipped to serve people in need through congregations, agencies, institutions or missionary work. Deaconesses have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include teaching, visitation, ministering to the grieving, counseling, and helping others to use their gifts of service.
  3. The Spanish program at Concordia University Chicago is an excellent starting point for those interested in other cultures, intrigued by the travel and tourism industry, or seeking to break the communication barrier to help those in need.
  4. Our bachelor of arts degree in theology is a broad-based program that prepares students to be future teachers, satisfies career options, and is excellent preparation for students interested in continuing their education at the graduate level. Our courses offer in-depth studies in areas such as biblical studies, systematic theology, historical theology, Christian education and Christianity in...

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