American Correctional Association


Only members can attend the events listed. If interested in joining, please contact Dr. Jodie Dewey.

Upcoming Events

Fall 2013


Friday, October 4th, 8-4pm.     DuPage County Courthouse

Kent Williams, police chief and nationally-recognized expert in reducing organizational and personal stressors resultling from job-related frustrations, anger, and life/workplace imbalance will be the featured workshop facilitator. Chief Williams will present a series of workshops aimed at improving the quality of personal and professional life for those currently in, or intending to pursue, law enforcement , correctional, or other criminal justice careers.

Past Events

Fall 2012

ACA fall trip to Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola Prison).

Spring 2012

Concordia students Quintin Williams and Morgan Scheer join other local students for a tour of the Illinois State Police Academy. Just another wonderful benefit of being an ACA member!!


Benefits of ACA membership:

    • Ability to attend various site visits to Illinois and Indiana prisons, observe in Cook County courtrooms, witness training at police academies, attend trip to Angola Prison in Lousiana, one of the toughest U.S. prisons, and many other trips.
    • Yearly subscription to Corrections Today, official publication of the ACA.
    • You can attend, or present, at the yearly conference.  This is a great way to meet others with similar interests and to build your professional network.
    • Looks great on a resume!!!