Psychology Department

Psychology is a scientific discipline with a focus on the behavior of individuals. Some psychologists have interests that overlap with the natural sciences, while others gravitate toward the social sciences. Concordia University Chicago's psychology majors develop an understanding of the different types of psychology and theories behind them. Our program provides you with a solid foundation in which you will build your critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills and apply these to a career in psychology—whether that be as a researcher, counselor or educator.

Our student organizations include a very active Psychology club which holds various educational and social events each year. There is also an active chapter of the national psychology honor society, Psi Chi. 

Psychology focuses on understanding two critical relationships: one between brain function and behavior, and one between the environment and behavior. As scientists looking to contribute solutions to problems, psychologists follow the scientific method through careful observation, experimentation and data analysis to develop intervention strategies, applying scientific principles.