Why Choose Nursing?

The path to earning a bachelor of science in nursing requires dedication and a desire to help others. You will devote a lot of your time to studying and working at a hospital to gain hands-on experience with patients. 

Read below what current Resurrection University students have to say about:

  • Faculty and staff
  • The Affiliation with Presence Health 
  • The Student-Centered Teaching Model
  • The Clinical Experience
Student Testimonials

Leon Ponce de Leon

“Being exposed to the clinical setting has been inspiring. It actively opens your mind to the diversity of your community. Even though first impressions tend to influence your mind, when you delve deeper you can understand, especially social...

Yadira Campos

“There are a lot of faculty who graduated from this institution and they are willing to teach you.”...

Donna Ramirez

“Everyone is helpful. The faculty and staff motivate you to do your best. There are a lot of resources, such as the ACE (Academic Center for Excellence) program, where tutors can help you understand the content."...

Sreya Alex

“The fact that Resurrection University is affiliated with the Presence Health network of medical centers and other facilities gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to clinical training and provides opportunities for employment after...

Kobe Odoom

"The faculty make us do everything, and they are willing to teach us everything. There’s always something new we have to learn. I love it – it’s hands on.”...