Nursing Degree Program

Joint Nursing Degree Program - Offered by Concordia University and Resurrection University

Earn an affordable nursing degree from two national recognized institutions-Concordia University Chicago and Resurrection University. This unique program allows you to earn a bachelor of science degree while enjoying all the extracurricular activities and student support services provided by both universities. 

Nursing Program Overview

Through the program, you will spend your freshman and sophomore years at Concordia-Chicago where you will take pre-professional general education courses, as well as a rigorous science curriculum that prepares you for application to Resurrection University. Each institution is committed to your success and will prepare you to lead and serve in the nursing profession.

In the last eight quarters, Resurrection University students have been above 90% on the NCLEX-RN exam for first time test-takers. The NCLEX, National Council Licensure Examination, must be taken in order for nurses to receive their licensure. The exam tests the knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the safe and effective practice of Nursing at the entry-level.

Upon completion of the joint Nursing degree program you will receive a joint degree from Concordia University Chicago and Resurrection University, and will be awarded one diploma with both institutions listed.

Please note, this program is not open to transfer students. Prospective transfer students should contact Resurrection University directly for admission information. 

Nursing Course Information 

Curriculum at Concordia University Chicago

During your freshman and sophomore years at CUC, your course work will focus on pre-professional general education courses and pre-nursing topics including biology and chemistry. You will work hands-on in small classes that focus on the individual success of each student. These courses will provide a foundation for the rigorous curriculum of subsequent nursing courses.

Curriculum at Resurrection University

The last two years of your courses will be taken at Resurrection University new campus located in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. At Resurrection University your courses will focus on nursing and the fundamentals of health care. As part of the curriculum you will also take seven-week courses in pediatrics, community health, mental health, older adult nursing, pharmacology and more. You will devote most of your time to hands-on clinical work in a variety of situations; so don't expect a classroom-only learning environment.

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Nursing Major Opportunities

As a member of two campus communities, you will have the opportunity to participate in campus activities and student services at CUC and Resurrection University, as well as use resources from both universities. You can even live in Concordia’s residence halls while taking courses at Resurrection University.

There is a need for nurses in a variety of settings—hospitals, schools, clinics, the military and more. This need is expected to continue over the next several years.