Health Informatics and Information Management

Joint Degree Program with Resurrection University

Earn a degree in the increasingly in-demand field of Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) from two fully accredited institutions: Concordia University Chicago and Resurrection University. This unique program allows you to earn a bachelor of science degree while enjoying all the extracurricular activities and student support services provided by both universities.

HIIM Program Overview

HIIM professionals are found in many departments within traditional health care organizations. They are also routinely employed in government agencies, insurance companies, research settings and education. By ensuring the most timely and accurate information is available to make health care decisions, HIIM improves the quality of health care.

There is no separate admission process for Resurrection University. However, students enrolled in the program must successfully complete prerequisite courses and remain in good academic standing during their studies at CUC in order to move on to ResU. Upon successful completion of all four years of the program, you will receive a diploma listing both universities.

As a member of two campus communities, you will have the opportunity to participate in activities and access support services at both universities during enrollment. You are encouraged to take advantage of CUC resources and continue to live in Concordia-Chicago residence halls, even while attending courses at ResU. Both universities are jointly committed to helping all students succeed, ensuring strong support systems during the educational experience.

HIIM Course Overview

The curriculum for the HIIM major includes courses in health care information systems, comparative records, applied legal and ethical aspects of HIIM, data analysis and health care finance. Don’t expect a classroom-only learning environment—program content is covered online and is also experienced on campus or in clinical affiliations. These courses will expose you to environments where you learn from professionals in the field, giving you first-hand experience in what is expected in the HIIM field.

The Concordia-Chicago Experience 

During freshman and sophomore years at CUC, you will be immersed in pre-professional courses that will prepare you to apply to Resurrection’s HIIM program. In addition to general education courses, you will work hands-on in small classes that focus on the individual success of each degree candidate. CUC’s highly qualified faculty are professionals in their field of study and are dedicated to their students’ achievement. Because of this strong partnership between the two universities, professors also understand students’ career goals and are there to help along the way.

The Resurrection Experience 

You will take the last two years of your courses at ResU’s Chicago campus in the city’s Wicker Park neighborhood, which features state-of-the-art facilities and simulated hospital settings. At ResU, you will participate in hands-on clinical experiences and take courses solely related to HIIM. Resurrection University is housed inside Presence Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Chicago.

For more information about the HIIM degree, please contact Dr. Vince Hradil.