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Human Performance

If overall physical wellness of the human body interests you then the Human Performance Department has the majors and/or minors for you. The Human Performance Department can prepare you for a variety of careers relating to physical wellness.

Majors and minors in the Human Performance Department will prepare students for a career in an Exercise Science or Sport and Fitness related field. Students may also choose to major in a K-12 or Secondary Physical Education program.

Our dedicated faculty, access to an array of internship sites in the Chicagoland area, and a large range of pre-professional teaching opportunities are all assets for studying at Concordia in the Human Performance Department.  **Check the links below for more information.

Are you interested in corporate fitness, recreational fitness, personal training or cardiac rehabilitation? Have you considered a career as a strength and conditioning coach or work in other allied health professions? 

Are you passionate about working with elementary, middle school, or high school students? Would you like to learn about various teaching strategies and methodology that will lead students to discover how to develop an active and healthy lifestyle? Click the details link above for more information.

Are you interested in promoting sports development and/or fitness and wellness for a diversity of age ranges? Are you interested in working in a park district, YMCA, fitness center, or physical/sport training facility? If you answered yes then a major or a minor in Sport and Fitness may be the right fit for you. Click the details link above for more information.