Think critically about gender and learn to conduct academic analysis within a faith-based context.

Academic in its emphasis, the Women's and Gender Studies program assumes a leadership role on campus by bringing internationally recognized speakers to the Universtiy, promoting student research, collaborating across the disciplines to offer quality interdisciplinary education, and providing students with access to work closely with WGS faculty.

Women's and Gender Studies (BA)

The first program of its kind in the Concordia University System, this interdisciplinary program explores gender as a theory and as a practice -- and how it affects psychology, sociology, art and a range of other disciplines.

The core faculty for our program are all trained in women’s and gender studies in their respective fields.

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A WGS degree provides you with valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to countless career choices and to nearly every area of your life. You could also add WGS as a second major or minor that is highly compatible with other disciplines. In fact, WGS is a practical discipline that will enhance your involvement with other disciplinary fields, campus activities, and future work experiences.

WGS equips students with rigorous academic training to:

  • Think critically
  • Solve problems creatively
  • Conduct scholarly research
  • Write and present research findings
  • Analyze gender in the world around them
  • Understand popular culture and its relationship to larger social forces
  • Become familiar with gender theories and scholarship
  • Speak up

Employers and graduate programs also know that WGS majors and minors are:

  • Well-rounded, having studied a wide variety of topics rather than one narrow skill area
  • Able to think more globally than many other job applicants
  • Prepared to work in diverse organizations, companies, and communities
  • Experts on gender and its intersections with race and class
  • Analytical about gender as a subject and as a method of inquiry
  • Free to apply knowledge across individual disciplinary silos
  • Able to apply WGS theories and concepts to the work place


The skills gained by studying WGS can prepare students to pursue fields including education, social services, media and the arts, health, human services, law, political action, and business.  WGS also prepares students for graduate school to pursue careers that require an advanced degree.  According to a recent online study about women’s and gender studies graduates, they are working in more than 200 occupations across the nation.

Career Services

Concordia's Office of Career Services helps students find internships that will suit whatever career direction you plan to take after graduation.  We have partnered with the Illinois Small College Placement Association and CareerRookie to provide databases where we can search an extensive list of internships, jobs, and other resources to help shape your future.

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