Pre-Law, Criminal Law and Social Justice (BA)

Designed to help you understand the legal institutions and issues faced by America’s legal, correctional and justice professionals. 

It is flexible and interdisciplinary, combining courses in political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology and social work.

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Pre-Seminary (BA)

Our Pre-Seminary program designates coursework to be taken within a liberal arts or education degree track, which fulfills seminary entrance requirements. 

Students completing all the prescribed coursework will be identified as having completed the pre-seminary program of studies on their transcripts.

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Health Sciences (BA)

The Pre-Professional Health Sciences program  is a package of courses for the student whose academic or professional plans require a broad base of science courses.

If you’re interested in attending medical, dental or veterinary schools, or pursuing graduate study in nursing (generalist), occupational therapy or physical therapy, this program will prepare you well.

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Emergency Medical Services (BS)

Concordia University Chicago's program in partnership with Loyola Hospital is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to perform advanced-level medical care in the prehospital setting, and to assume leadership positions in various emergency medical services professions.

Emergency Medical Services encompasses a variety of opportunities such as critical care transport, aeromedical services, disaster management with technical rescue teams and industrial medicine.

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