Explore the nature of reality and the lineage of governments, fate of nations and the world we live in.

Aspire to become a politician, lobbyist or legislator with a degree from the Department of History, Political Science and Philosophy at Concordia University Chicago.

History (BA)

Are you interested in exploring the lineage of governments both free and totalitarian, the fate of nations, and the origins of the world we live in? What about the influence of minorities on the history of their various countries? If you answered yes to these questions, then the History program at CUC is a perfect match for you.

Philosophy (BA)

Philosophy attempts to understand the nature of reality and how we can know about it. It enriches the understanding of human nature and human culture and sharpens the capacity to think clearly and precisely. You will become familiar with traditional philosophic issues and some of the attempts to solve them.

Political Science (BA)

If you’re interested in law, American government, politics, political theory, policy studies or international relations, Concordia University Chicago offers you the opportunity to study any of these of subjects and more in the department of political science. This program includes courses about all levels in government, political theory, public administration and much more, which are designed to give students a well-rounded and accurate view of their nation and the world.

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