A Sport and Fitness degree will prepare you to serve and lead in areas of fitness, wellness and sport development in today's world.

Career Opportunities

  • Recreation Instructor/Coordinator
  • Fitness Instructor/Director 
  • Sports Skill Instructor
  • Coach 
  • Sport Specific Conditioning Specialist

Sport and Fitness Program and Degree Overview

As a Concordia-Chicago student, you will learn about the multi-dimensional aspects of fitness and wellness relating to a variety of age groups, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, program organization and management, and sport skill development and training.

These basics are broadened as you progress through the course of your studies preparing you to enter the professional world. Sport and Fitness majors and minors will complete a required practicum experience which provides them opportunities to apply their knowledge in a field of their choosing.

At CUC, our classes are small and encourage hands-on learning. You will work closely with the faculty, who will help you throughout your entire college career. Faculty will be able and willing to work with you individually to discuss assignments and career decisions, while ensuring you receive a quality experience at CUC.

***This program does NOT meet the requirements for teacher certification. If you are interested in becoming a physical education teacher click the link to access the Physical Education page***

Sport and Fitness Course Information

As a Sport and Fitness major, you will be required to take courses in:

  • Weight Training & Cardiovascular Activities
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Sports Skills Teaching and Development
  • Management of Physical Activity Programs
  • Sport and Fitness Activity Classes

You will be required to complete a practicum experience. This practicum will allow you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in your classes as you continue to build on your knowledge base.

Recent practicum sites include: Concordia University Chicago Fitness Center, Oak Park Park District, The Dome in Rosemont, Tennis and Fitness Center of Oak Park. 

For details about required courses and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog.

Meet our Faculty

Required (15 hours)

  • PES-1119 Weight Training and Cardiovascular Activities
  • PES-3400 Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  • PES-4625 Teaching Individual and Dual Sports Activities
  • PES-4635 Teaching Team Sports Activities
  • PES-4730 Management of Physical Activity Programs
  • PES-4970 Sport and Fitness Practicum/Internship (4 hours)

Select two of the following (2 hours)

  • PES-1108 Aerobics
  • PES-1110 Yoga I
  • PES-1212 Volleyball
  • PES-1213 Badminton
  • PES-1214 Tennis
  • PES-1701 Self Defense
  • PES-1226 Golf

Electives Select from the following (7 hours)

  • PES-1111 Yoga II
  • PES-1121 First Aid Safety/Injury Prevention
  • PES-2000 Wellness and Wholeness
  • PES-3200 Principles and Perspective of Human Performance
  • PES-3600 Kinesiology
  • PES-3810 Physical Activities for the Young Child
  • PES-3820 Group Fitness Theories and Concepts
  • PES-3830 Senior Fitness Theories and Concepts
  • PES-4101 General Nutrition
  • PES-4110 Fitness Activities and Technology
  • PES-4200 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription
  • PES-4300 Community Health
  • PES-4410 Biomechanics
  • PES-4420 Exercise Physiology
  • PES-4431 Physical Growth/Motor Development
  • PES-4640 Dance Activities
  • PES-4645 Adventure Education
  • PES-4650 Physical Activities for the Exceptional Child
  • PES-4740 Measurement and Evaluation