A liberal arts degree in English prepares you to read and interpret texts, think critically, and write effectively. Literary study also broadens your perspectives on human life and culture. 

An English degree can prepare you for a variety of different careers. Many students also use the B.A. in English as preparation for graduate study, either in English or in other areas like ministry, law, or library science.

Career Opportunities

  • Copywriter 
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Manuscript Reader
  • Book Critic
  • Film Critic
  • Freelance Writer 
  • Publisher
  • Proofreader
  • Playwright
  • Scrip Writer
  • Website Developer
  • Bookstore Manager
  • Columnist
  • Court Reporter

English Program and Degree Overview

The B.A. in English is a 36-hour major that requires coursework in British, American, and world literature, as well as literary theory, linguistics, and writing. It requires you to experience a broad range of literature, yet it allows you to select from a variety of courses.   

The four courses required of all majors are Literary Theory and Criticism, Linguistics, Shakespeare, and Seminar in English. Students take Literary Theory early in the major to learn the theories and methods that underlie literary studies. The Seminar in English, usually focusing on a single author, provides a capstone experience near the end of the major. It requires significant research and culminates in a long seminar paper.

Of the remaining eight courses in the major, one must be in American literature, one in British literature, one in world literature, and one in twentieth-century literature. Multiple course options exist to fulfill each of these requirements, so you can choose a course that interests you from each area. One advanced writing course is also required. The remaining hours may be taken as electives.

For details about required courses and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog.


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