What is Caesura?

In poetry, a “caesura” is a break, or a pause in the middle of a line. We have named our journal

Caesura because we believe writing can be that pause, that break from the hectic world in which we live.  In that “pause” we can reflect and create, finding new ways to make the world over.

Our Goal:

Our goal with Caesura is to celebrate and give space to the Creative Writing of Young Lutherans. We believe that writing provides an opportunity to reflect the power of our great Creator by allowing us to see His world in new and different ways through creating works of our own.  Writing connects us -writing moves us outside of ourselves.  We cannot bid anyone to see the world the way we do, but through writing we are given that chance.  We want to give you the chance to share your work with the world – let us help amplify your God-given talents with the world.  

Who We Are:

The editors of Caesura are Professor Andy Pederson and Dr. David Rogner of Concordia University Chicago’s Department of English.  In addition to teaching, both of the editors are active writers. Dr. Rogner in poetry and hymns, and Prof. Pederson in playwriting. They also edit Motif, Concordia University Chicago’s journal of the arts. You can find more information about both editors from the faculty profiles on English Department page.

Submission Information:

  1. We are looking for poems, short stories, creative non-fiction essays (non-academic essays), and plays. 
  2. There is no limit on how many pieces a writer may send for consideration.
  3. Submission to Caesura is open to any writer in 5th-8th grade.
  4. Submissions will be accepted from November 1 through March 15 each year.
  5. All submissions must be made via email to caesura.journal@CUChicago.edu in the form of attachments and not placed in the body of the email. 
  6. Please make sure attachments in Word or RTF format. 
  7. Each item for submission should be its own attachment – one document per attachment. There is no limit to the number of attachments you may send.  For example, if a writer was submitted three poems and two stories, their email would have five total attachments.
  8. Please label your attachments in the following way, Last Name of Writer – Title of Piece – Genre of writing. Example: Pederson – End of Summer – Poem.
  9. Please include the writer’s information – name, grade, school – in the body of the email.
  10. Writers will be notified via email if their piece will be published.

Contact Information